5 best backlink checker tools check website backlinks

Are you looking for a good website backlink checker tool to check your website backlinks? Which should tell the exact backlink of your website, today we will write this article. I will inform you about the 5 best backlink checker tools; websites that will talk about the backlink of the right website. Let me tell you if you want to rank your website on Google’s first page. So you should have more backlinks on your website. That is why the beginner remains confused.

Let’s check the backlink checker tools of your website from which website. We will tell you about 5 such websites that will cover your website is a good way according to your backlink and will tell you about the backlink of your website.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are an important link to your website. Which ranks your website quickly on Google. With the help of Backlink, you can rank your website on Google’s first page very soon. Backlink we call it. Which you go to any website, give your website number. Which becomes a backlink to your website.

The more backlinks you create for your website, the better it will be for your website. Nowadays on the internet, Antony sari is being made every day. If you think that without backlinks you will get ranked on Google which is impossible.

  1. Aherfs
  2. Semrush
  3. Link minor
  4. Check website pro
  5. Buzz Sumo



Aherfs is a list checker. Whatever you have left backlink checker tools from the same website as your website, then that will be known to you. You use  free you can backlink check any website. You also have to give a domina rating with your website.

Along with checking backlinks, you can also check your website URL rating. Ahrefs is a Premium Tull. Which you can comfortably see this simple thing while checking the backlink checker tool.

This Ehrf company is a paid version. Which can use you by a tree? But you can check your backlink for free.

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SEMursh(start 10 days trial)

semrush This is one of the most popular websites. Which makes you backlink check. Also, you can check the backlink. He has taken the backlinks checker tool from Domaine Kaun’s website. Akash is a very cellular site.

Which tells you about your website Domine Authority with backlinks. Also, how many backlinks are active on your website. What a loss. Kailash Ekpeed Tull Tul. Which you can use by purchasing it.

But you can use Trason for 10 days for free. Start 10 days trail This company gives you its service to use in further trick versions. If you like 10 days trial version. So you can buy it.

The sky is a Premium tool. Which helps a lot in increasing the traffic of your website. This is a closed tool.

Link miner(start 10 days trial)


Link miner is a popular backlink tool. Which is a tool on the basis of mangools. In this, you are given 5 different tools. Which you can easily use it for different. Like, you are given different tools for keyword research. You can use its start 10 free trial version.

With the help of this tool, you can easily backlink check a website. That backlink is dofollow ya Nofollow. You want to know this with the help of this tool. The backlinks I left were banya.

How many of those backlinks are active. how has lost? Many times we inadvertently create Los backlinks for our website. Which is of no use on our website.

You can remove all your backlinks with the help of Link miner. Which is of no use for your website. Link Miner provides you with a very good service. Which is the tool of mangools website?

Website check pro

This site gives you a lot of backlinks. Which you can also check the da and pa of your website in it. With the help of Website Check Pro, you can also check the Alexa rank of your website very easily. This website also informs your website Domains Authority along with backlink checker tool.

People can check their website most of the time to check their website. Because this website is a very good service provider. More people do it to check da and. But you can also check it backlink.

You can use it very easily in this fee. website check pro This will give a good performance, in checking the backlink of your website, you can also check your website right backlink from this website.

Which backlink was taken from which website? Together you can backlink check any website. You can analyze it.

Buzz sumo

buzz sumo This is the best and good service providing tool. In this tool also you can check your website easily. This tool is available to you both free and paid. buzz sumo This is not such a popular tool.

With this, you can check your blog or website extract backlink. With which you can also check the Domine rating and Domine authority of your website.

Buzz Sumo With a backlink checker tool, you can also do keyword research in it. You can do content marketing comfortably from any website. analyze any domine.

Buzz Sumo is a backlink checker tool with a keyword resetting site. You can unlock any website.

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