7 best Free SEO Tools (Tired & Tested) (2020)

Are you starting your new blog now? And you want SEO for your blog. You are now looking for free SEO tools to do SEO. Today we will tell you about the 5 best SEO which you can do by doing it in your blog in a very good way. your blog is most important for your website. With which you can increase traffic to your site.

If you want to rank your blog on Google’s first page. So the easiest way. That you have to SEO your blog and your article very well. I will talk to you about the five free  SEO tools. You can do it both ways free of cost.

What is SEO tools

Seo increases your blog free SEO tools ranking and traffic. (Search engine optimization) means. Google that traffic is increased through your blog. Whatever work you do. He does it in his article. We call it on-page.

Write a meta description for your blog like you write well. With the help of which you can free SEO tools on-page. on-page SEO is an important factor. Which you can rank on Google’s first page without a backlink.

  1. Linkminer
  2. Aherfs
  3. Semrush
  4. Seo optimizer
  5. keyword Everywhere
  6. Similar web
  7. Gmatrix

Link miner


Link Miner Your Seo This Chrome extension with which you can analyze any blog.  can also check backlinks. You also use a link miner like this. You get the start 10 days trail. Which is this mangonels product?

It helps to analyze the best SEO tools for the new sites. With its help, you can analyze your website completely. Whatever comes to your blog issue. You will be analyzing it and whatever is coming on your website. You can fix it very easily. That’s why SEO tools are very important for the website free SEO tools.


7 best Free SEO Tools (Tired & Tested) (2020) 1

Aherfs This is one of the best SEO tools. The biggest bloggers use it for their keyword research. You get it ahrefs is the most popular blogger tool. Which gives very Better performance. You can free analyze it. You can check the backlink of your blog. That too for free. If you can use it in 7days $ 7. Which you can check your dr domain rating all this for free. and you can also check the domain ratings. free SEO tools.

Ahrefs is one such tool. Which can be used for most keyword research. This gives you excellent performance in keyword research. Which makes it even more attractive to use.


SEMrush This is one of the best SEO tools. Which comes after Ahrefs on the second number. You can use it completely 7 days trial version. Help SEMrush, you can fix any issue in your blog by analyzing the website. With the help of SEMrush, you can check the title tag of your blog. You can use it with a Google Chrome extension. It can help SEO analyze your website. Whatever is the problem with your website. You can fix it.

Backlink checker – With the help of this tool, you can check backlinks of any domain. Along with checking the backlink, you will also give the complete domino score. And many more will tell you.

Site audit – This will be very good for your site because you can check the flaw of your site easily. All the other issuers came to your site. With its help, you can find out the flaws in your site and fix it. So that the health of your site will be fine and you can also check broken links.

Start 7 days trail

Seo optimizer

7 best Free SEO Tools (Tired & Tested) (2020) 2

This tool is the best for you. Especially to analyze free SEO tools. You can do this by an-0p[alyze your website. You can analyze all the problems of your blog.

SEO – With its help, you can check your blog with the help of SEO tools. It tells your sleep. That you are so beautiful

Broken link – With this help, you can remove your blog from your blog by checking the boring link. Which is the biggest reason, Broken Link? So your site does not rank quickly on Google.

It also checks you further your blog is connected to social media. With the help of this tool or not, you can check the issue of your blog by completely analyze your website in a very good way. you can also check site health.

keyword everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is free SEO tools a Google Chrome extension. Which is your blog helpful to SEO. You need to add it to Google Chrome. After you login this with your help. Gives you the key With the help of which you can see the keyword CPC, volume, competition logger. Keywords must always add to Chrome extension.

Similar web

This is a tool that you can use with Google Chrome extension. Direct organic traffic can be searched for any website.  can analyze traffic to any website. analyze any extension.  also, use a similar web.


7 best Free SEO Tools (Tired & Tested) (2020) 3

Gmatrix allows you to check this page load speed website. Google Chrome is an extension. Which helps in checking your blog SEO. You can compare your blog with any other blog. You have page load speed of your blog. Which you can heath your sleep. So you can use your blog so extension.

GMatrix can analyze your blog to your website and compare it to other blogs and free SEO tools.

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