how to start a blog and make money from it 7 easy step [2020]

Should you Start a blog? you are right place. in this article, I am discussing. how to start a blog and make money from it? I tell you to Make blogs very easily. this article tells 7 Easy steps on how to start a blog make money from it online.

You are telling blog make very difficult. But your wrong blog makes it very easy. You start the new blog very easily. You are thinking. How to start my new blog and professional blog which makes money online. Sitting at home…

You have good decisions Start a new blog. here easy guide step by step how to start a blog and make money from it

Let’s start

  1. #Choose a Niche for your blog
  2. Choose Your best Domin name a blog
  3. @Choose Best hosting provide company
  4. Start setup Your WordPress blog
  5. Some sure plugins
  6. Write first article Your blog and Publish
  7. Start to Make money online
  8. Bonus – Some ways to make money online

Choose a Niche For Your Blog

Choose your blog niche

Newbie always wrongs. He is not select your niche. Very important before how to start a blog and make money from it Select your niche. Your particular topic. in this Blog. Very fast popular website make. I tell 99% Blogger fail. Why?

Because He Does note select your niche. You most before your interest. if your interest Technology. so you select niche technology. your blog technology related blog created.

You ficus work for a new blog. if you confuse How to select the best niche for my blog. It is very easy.

Your interest who things ficus. you select a niche and create a new blog. NO understood, wait for

blog niches that make money

Some examples Niche for a related blog and very famous.

two top Money making popular blogs– This blog is every day making money for a million dollars. Why? because this blog is niche related website. if you are also a niche related to making a website. Google in the fast ranks. Pro blogger one website.

SMart passive income.  You can make a passive income. It is very important for your interest.– This website is a niche related website. You know this blog is very famous. this blog traffic is million. He is learning the blog. Blogging, SEO, Digital marketing, in this blogging field.

Why can you start any profitable blog? but I am suggesting to you. You start that blog. which you interest.  If you do not start a blog niche related. your interest related to you is sure boring for the blog.

If you are not understood. How to select the Best niche for my blog. Below some simple tips for you.

  • Take a Paper and pen
  • you think you’re interested in who things. as interest Technology, ART, Blogging writes copy. your favorite interest and start a blog about your niche.
  • Your idea note keeps a copy
  • If your final decision whose topic starts my new blog. you start a blog you are sure successful your blog.

if you then confused about the blog. There are some 100+ Blog nice related topic ideas.

Choose your Best domain name a blog

How do i start blog and make money online

what are you think? Blog of domain select doing is very difficult. No! You very easily for good domain name select can you blog.

When I started my new blog. I did not choose TLD(Top level domain) My blog is not successful. Why? I don’t know what is TLD domain because of the most important thing Your blog of the domain name. Below some tips

Here some tips which choose the best domain name for your niche related blog.

  • Keep Domin name Short & Simple-  You try you choose the best keyword related domain. As of Next walk, Your blog of the branded blog can make. You select as the domain name. which your use of easily remembers. Simple and easily readable and one time remember your blog audience.
  • Don’t use a number- you do not use a number of your domain name. why? Because the number does not remember easily people. because You don’t use a number your blog in the domain name.
  • Always your domain name TLD-  I tell before you. always choose a domain name for TLD.  You don’t know what is TLD domain name. TLD name comes. as an example- .com, .net, .in, etc. you select this domain name your domain name You can say TLD domain name.
  • Use keyword domain name- Always choose the domain name in the keyword like.  You are sure to use the keyword domain.


Note- Which platform for Blogging best

I am not taking Much time to discuss. which platform blogging best. I Tell you to know Blogging’s best platform WordPress.

WordPress is a lot of blogging Platforms side. The world has in the half website creates for WordPress. You can see it. I also, the website WordPress creates.  I recommended you are created a website WordPress.


Because another platform WordPress easy to use. you can customize your website, anybody edit. you can do WordPress site.

You get the Most useful thems plugin which Your website as very important. you can use WordPress to create a unique blog. Because WordPress is a good platform.

I hope yo idea comes WordPress is good for creating a new website.

Choose Best Hosting Provider company

Choose best hosting

You know Make Blog Best web-hosting and domain should. You find the best web hosting provider company in which your blog of speed increases.

Domin name– Website of name say the domain name

Types of domain name

  • HTTPS://- Hyper Transfer protocol
  • Www – Subdomain
  • .com – Top-level domain

Web hosting-  A web hosting is your blog place Which your blog all image files video which stores your web hosting. like your computer hard disk as. Hosting of you says compute hard disk as.

Now, are you thinking which WordPress best hosting for my blog?

There is a lot of web hosting provider company which Start your new blog. But he worthless.


Because you do not buy any web- hosting company if your buy and web hosting company your site are slow. not grow fast. I mostly recommended Best web hosting company Go Siteground.


Siteground is no 1 best hosting provider company for beginners. This company is honest and very reliable support for you. It is not hosting very costly like another hosting.

Are you business start excited?

Siteground your blog speed very fast. this company server is very fast.

You can also choose another hosting. but I am highly recommended for you to go to Siteground hosting.

This step follows and Purchase Siteground hosting

1. Click on this special link Start your first blog


how to start a blog and make money from it 7 easy step [2020] 2


Siteground hosting 70% off 

2. Choose Your favorite domain

Choose domian name


Pick your domain name before I am suggesting your niche related domain name choose. as an example if your blog niche food-related ya Blogging related. you can choose domain as for example,

This type of domain you can choose. if you name form to start a blog.

3. Fill your account information

How do i start a blog

4. Enter your Debit/Credit card information

debit card information

your credit card information domain and hosting purchase.

5. Confirm the terms and condition

Paymen information

you can detail to confirm

After, you can click the pay now button and Siteground a few minutes processing with your details.

Are you done?

Conguturalation! Your domain name and web hosting successfully purchased. Check it email site ground send a message your web-hosting successfully purchased.

Let’s how set up your new WordPress blog.

Setup Your WordPress Blog

setup wordpress blog

installing WordPress is not difficult. it is very to easily install WordPress.

Most before your Siteground in the login. if you already purchased Siteground web hosting. only Setup fo your WordPress blog.

You have option select. you select to start a new website that makes a brand website. you saw many options software saw as an example –  WordPress, Joomla, Weebly, Drupal, etc.

how to start a blog and make money from it 7 easy step [2020] 3

You click WordPress software and installing. then your option to come. your login details which password and username carefully note. why? which your WordPress site open. then all out of the information fill.

how to start a blog and make money from it 7 easy step [2020] 4

You have tick terms and condition sign.

how to start a blog and make money from it 7 easy step [2020] 5

You have seen big button complete setup

how to start a blog and make money from it 7 easy step [2020] 6

Now take a few minutes to complete setup your WordPress blog.


how to start a blog and make money from it 7 easy step [2020] 7

Go to your menu . and you can saw the installation button click. now, you can click the admin panel area.

This you redirect for WordPress dashboard you shall see. username and password. during which make fill username your password.

how to start a blog and make money from it 7 easy step [2020] 8

go to your WordPress amazing and beautiful dashboard.

That here your all complete setup WordPress blog. your website is ready to customize.

This URL remember and bookmark this URL.


Because you next time login URL paste browser and log in. your WordPress dashboard URL. if your domain URL is forgotten so which replace. your Siteground account.

And the same process. go to the admin panel. click redirect your WordPress dashboard. always your admin URL remember.

Some plugins sure your blog

some important wordpress plugins

WordPress without a plugin is nothing. because I suggest some plugins which Very important for your new blog. customization home page build etc. there are lots of plugins for WordPress site.

but the most popular plugins install your WordPress.

Which plugins help you. Seo your blog. help to write an SEO optimized article. design your website.

some plugins which very popular. some list my favorite plugin. which I use.

Here this list some awesome plugins.

Rankmath SEO-  Rank math one of the best SEO plugin. which new Seo plugin. but all blogger’s favorite plugin. this plugin in the amazing features. which not toast SEO pulling use.

some blogger suggests YOsat SEO plugin. but I suggest using rank math SEO. Why? in this plugin very Your blog SEO grab a lot of traffic blog. but Yoast SEO not features.

Elementor-  this plugin is a page builder. you can page build your dreamy just drag and drop. I am using the landing page to make an elementary. You can make the page unique and beautiful.

Anti-spam–  Many times which article writing. people comment on your blog spam. the help of this plugin spam comment automatically remove. Anti-spam is the best plugin. spam comment remover.

Wp- rocket– You know Your blog speed is very important. this plugin help forms your blog speed optimized to make it faster. wp rocket doesn’t,t use for free. this plugin is a paid plugin.

Social snap pro–  This plugin is a Social share plugin. which you help Share your article. as Facebook, Twitter, interest, and many platforms. this plugin helps you increase blog traffic.

IThemes security-   Security your blog is very important. you blog yet hack. because its plugins help secure your website. use this plugin safe and secure your blog. I am personally using this plugin. my blog secure.

These are plugin use my website. and properly work.

I don’t recommend you use it however plugin. your WordPress site easily to hack. all data lose. Because if you should a professional blogger.

Use popular plugin and paid to use it.

If you think How to install WordPress plugins. just an easy step.

  1. Go WordPress dashboard
  2. Click plugins and Ad new
  3. search these are plugin and install
  4. All plugin activate.

Write the first article your blog and publish

How do i start blog and make money online

Are you thinking? How to write Blog the first article for.

let’s help you write your first article for the blog.

Go to Post – Ad new Now you saw write an article landing page.

how to start a blog and make money from it 7 easy step [2020] 9

Yor confuse about how to write an article. Below some tips help article.

  • If you confuse who topic in the write my first article. I steel your niche add and find keyword ideas. for this your keyword research. you competitive keyword research. your article googles in easy to rank. Read these best keyword research tools.
  • Always try your keyword is a long-tail keyword in article writing. Why u Use longtail keyword? Because your keyword easy to rank on google. not hard work your blog. always use longtail keyword.
  • Always use the article blog title catchy and attractive. which your article more click. use title power words.
  • Write like this article which uses help. and more details your article length long. you can add images and video your article.
  • Use image copyright-free images. google always recommended a newbie to use a copyright-free image.
  •  Your article writes done. The most important thing. you article Seo optimization. which helps your article user friendly. I suggest reading this article on-page SEO guide and you’d easily optimize your content.
  • You don’t implement an article copy-paste it is very bad. always try myself write an article. which success more fast your blog.

I think understood you. how to write the first article for my blog. and many factors write an article. more care writes a good article. why? content is king. your article success blog. types of blogs that make money

Start how to make money online

start make money online

there many types of Blog that make money

Now, Your are thinking How to make money online? Which you very important blog form money earn. some below very important tips. how to make money online.

Online money earn to write a good article to Promote this content. very important your content of promotion.

your article shares your friend and every platform. Your as much as visit people. you can earn money online.

because very important. your blog traffic. read this article How to increase blog traffic.

Use social media Promote your blog

Your article promotes using this social media platform like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkindia of you can use promote your content.

How to promote social media platform your content

some tool helps easily promote your content social media platform.

Buffer– one of the best ways social share like as very easy Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter. and another platform the plug-in the great very fast quickly adding a post. social media platform.

Gain app–  if your multiple people work this plugin. the grain is great to work your time save now.  automatic post your article social media platform.

Start to build an email list ( email marketing)

You can more email address yo can more make money online. begin more email lists try to build. EMail list for

Believe me!

As much as an email more make money online. if you are thinking about How to build an email list.

the email list you use ebook free guide. Grab more email and let’s start making money online.

Email marketing is the best way to make more money online.

Bonus-tip Some ways to make money online

some ways to make money online

This is a bonus part in which some ways to make money online. before starting you congrats a one publishes on the blog.

There are many ways to make money online in this part to discuss. What ways to make money online? below some ways to make money online.

Affiliate marketing–  this is one effective way to make money online. You can join another affiliate company. and Promote that company product. and sell your referral link. you cat commission per sale. Affiliate marketing is a very easy way to make money online.

Advertising on the blog-  this is the most common way every blogger uses this method. that blog traffic monetizes and awesome make money online. your blog in this ad company. your site visitor saw the add.

make money this is a simple away to earn money.

One leading website-  as very more company apply saw add but the most popular company which google of product google AdSense you can apply.

Offering service-  If you slowly Seo expert make. which very fast ways to make money online. Simple method your blog reader you have an offer. direct pay and buy purchase.

Selling your Product and course- You know selling my own product and make money online. is one of the best ways to make money online. which your own product sell your readers. Most important your audience in the trust.

when buying your own product. you can sell them anything your own product. example ebook, your course, etc.

FAQ Related Questions

1. How much does it cost to start a blog?

For starting plan Sitground 6.99$ a month. if your yearly plan to host a purchase you can special discount. I recommended your year plan purchase.

2. How do bloggers get paid?

In this article before. I tell you how to start a blog. Getting a blogger paid.  which join a company like Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and any earning method. That company product sale and monthly paid your commission

3. Whats blog are in demand?

I tell you many blog demand for people. But you blog who niche. some tips below the most popular demand blog.

Fashion blog– this blog demand more and most popular website.

Travel Blog-  Travel blog also very demand and search website google.

Food blog- Always people Search food-related blog this niche is also demand. and many niches blog demand etc.

4. How do You Start a blog and make money?

I tell you before. How to start a blog.  and make money. very important things. Write an always helpful article which user friendly. you blog article promote Use social medial platform.

which helps make more money very fast. You can use your content to promote like as. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn.

Quora-  this platform is the best to promote your content. this website answer the question website. with which your content related question quora finds it. in this question of Answer give. and promote you can easily.

Quora it the all of social media platform is the best content promote. just question of the answer given. promote your content and make money online simply ways.

5. How much money can you make form a blog?

You say not exactly how much earn money form a blog? the difference your blog traffic depends on your website trust audiences. it is not limit to earn money. you can make money.

as $1 to $100 per month. but if your blog traffic page 10000 lakh you can earn $100 to 10000 per month.

not exactly say how much money can you make for a blog. however not limit. many earn form a blog.

What next?

This does not end for the blog. also right now begin of your blog journey. also, you learn anything  SEO, affiliate marketing, etc.

A successful blogger always learns many things to implement an experiment. you always learning practice implement your blog.

I hope yo this article like. I also recommended you Join my Facebook VIP community and daily update for blogging related questions. Seo, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, etc. Learn my Facebook VIP community join now.

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