How to start with WordPress blog : Easy guide Create a blog 15 minutes

Are you thinking of starting a blog on WordPress? You think very well Cuki How to start with a WordPress blog is the most popular website. Which makes your blog great. If you start a blog on How to start a WordPress. So you have the ability to learn and grow. Today I will do you step by step how to make a blog on WordPress Start. If you want to simple guide step by step

  1. Signup a Hosting Plan (Recommend a2 Hosting)
  2. Chose a Hosting Plan
  3. Pick a domain name for your blog
  4. Complete your hosting registration
  5. install WordPress
  6. Logging write your first article

Signup a hosting plan

I will recommend you buy a2 hosting if you buy the hooting from it. So you will get a 60% discount offer in this, you have to first go to its website to buy hosting from it. how to start with WordPress blog

Step 2

Chose a hosting plan

chosse hosting plan
choose hosting plan

A2 hosting reviews and deals 51% off

First of all, you know which hosting plan to buy, if you are a beginner now, then you should buy shared hosting, for more hosting information you can read this post. In which I will get full information about a2hosting review. how to start with WordPress blog.

Hosting – hosting is a server for your website. In which you store your image article.
Domin – is the name of your website. Accordingly, you can book your domine name. Remember that whenever you buy a domine name, buy less than 15 characters.

How to signup WordPress to a2 hosting

First of all, go to a2hosting website and choose your plan on it. If you are a beginner. So I will recommend that you purchase this plan swift plan because it is the most popular plan.

You can choose to host your plan. Now you can buy your domino name. how to start with WordPress blog.

Pick a Domin name

domin name buy
domain name buy

Pick a Dominic Name Now you can buy your Domin. If you do a domino name purchase. So if your blog is low. You can buy the name Domina only on the blog name.

By doing this you can buy it.

install WordPress

To install WordPress, you must be signed in on the company from which you bought hosting, after that you will ask for your user id and password as soon as you go to the control panel you will see that password will be logged. After that, you have to search for softcalus software. Click on it, you will see WordPress install it. Before installing, you will ask for admin user id and password, you will give it, remember that you will keep your password as that will be your WordPress slave board login.


When you buy hosting, you will have got opson of Secure which makes your blog secure. You must be logged into your control panel to activate it. Wherever you installed WordPress. You have to die searching. https click on it, now you must have written that by clicking on the button of Active you can install the SSL certificate or https. https makes your blog secure. This increases the number of visitors to your blog. You must install it. how to start with WordPress blog.

Login write your first article

to optimize your WordPress blog write your first article

write first article
how to start with WordPress blog.

Add meta description

You wrote a meta description on your blog very well. Write meta so that your blog is there. So that your user can know that your blog is on something. You must write a meta description of your blog on how to start a WordPress blog for free.

Install WordPress

You want a good speed of your blog. So you have to install the nice and popular name of WordPress in your blog like ocean wp them which I am using for my blog. You can use it as you wish.

customize your blog

coustimize your blog
Yoast seo

After installing them, you customize your blog in a good way so that your blog becomes a professional blog, you should always keep your blog a background white which will help the user to read your article. You should design your blog well so that if the user comes to your website, it does not go back.

Add your logo

add your logo
add your logo

If you must have kept the logo of your blog in mind. To identify your blog, you must put a logo on your blog, which identifies your blog or website.

Create about page

You must about page create an about page in your blog, you can give your introduction about your about. What is your blog on You should write it well so that the user can know about you completely, which will make your blog famous? how to start with WordPress blog.

Generate a privacy policy

You can generate the privacy policy of your blog. To generate a privacy policy page, you have to search Google on the privacy policy page generator.

Install plugins popular WordPress

how to start with wordpress blog
How to start with wordpress blog

A lot of bloggers who are a beginner do not know. What is a plugin? Be sure to install WordPress’s most popular plugins like Yoast SEO,  search engine optimization Yoast auto-optimize This plugin helps you sleep on the page while writing your blog article. how to start with WordPress blog.

Write your first article

After you install this Surrey Pulgings case study h1 in your blog, now you have to write an article for your blog. To write an article, use the WordPress Classic Editor, which gives a good response in writing articles How to start to your blog. Classic Editor and This is very famous. Which every blogger uses to write their article.

Monetize with Adsense

If you are starting this blog. You must be starting to earn money from this, you can apply for Adsense by completely customizing your blog. And you can do the earning from your website. If you want the approval of AdSense, then your article should have written 20 articles in your blog, only then you will generate revenues from AdSense. Click Hosting if you are shopping.

Grab Bluehost hosting

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    Some of the settings may seem a little complex if you’re new to SEO and WordPress, but Yoast created a complete tutorial to help you get everything set up. And the team at WPBeginner made this handy video to help you get set up quickly.


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