On Page SEO: The Definitive Guide (2020)

what is on page swo

If you want to increase traffic to your blog. So this is the only way you can increase the traffic of your blog. What is On-page Seo and how to do it (What is on-page Seo)

Internet kya hai this is a bit noisily. The Internet on which we have a website for millions of crores And every day thousands of website blogs are being created. Which makes it very difficult to bring traffic to your website. So many people leave the website after creating it. Because there is no traffic on their blog. Today,

on-page SEO

we will talk to you in this article that you can increase the traffic of your blog by On-Page Seo of your blog. Today the best way to bring traffic is that on-page Seo, you can increase the traffic of your blog, today we will go in this article that how you will be able to do On-page Seo of your blog. Google has changed a lot in the last few years. Google always wants to show better results to its viewer.

Many people start their own blog but they do not know about it Seo kya hai. Due to which they have to deal with many problems, so today I will tell you in full detail that On Seo kya happens and how to do it. In simple language,

what is SEO

Seo (Search Engine Optimization) technology. What we should do while writing an article on the website, we call it On-page Seo. If you make your website as good as On-page Seo. So your article gets ranked on Google. So traffic starts coming to your website.

You can divide Seo into two categories On-page SEO and Second Off-page Seo Today in this article we will only talk about what is On-page SEO and how do we do it.

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What is On-page SEO

On-page SEO is also called Onsite. It is optimized for those pages so that the goal of optimizing it correctly is that some pages of your website remain in the search engine.

Whatever you do depends on you. Therefore, a lot of things have to be kept in mind to do this. If you implement your site in the right way, then you will see a boost of traffic on your website, I will be able to see traffic through On-page Seo. The better you do, the better your site will be ranked on Google. And there will be good traffic generated on your website.

How to do On-page Seo

There are a lot of techniques to do On-page SEO which you can implement in your website, the better your traffic will be on your blog, the better traffic will come on your blog.

There is so much to do on-page Seo.

Alt text for image
Url structure
Meta description
Page load speed

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Title tag – tells the Html that is used on the web page. The title tag description of each webpage is different. They have to write the keyword together. Its length is 60 words.

Internal link – This is very important for the visitor if you insert another link from the same category in your article. So the reader who comes to read your website gets a lot of help. And your On-page is done very well. And your website traffic also increases.

Alt text for image –

If you do not forget to add an image to your article while writing an article and optimize that image in the best way, if you want my image to be friendly, then you need an image Alt text important for your image gives.

Url structure

– increases in importance. When you put your URL in search engines, you can insert your URL according to your article. Like I have entered the URL of this article something like this. HTTPS / www.information.online-on-page-SEO The structure of some such articles remains.

Heading– When you write your article, you have to give a heading, which keeps Unic from the bottom, your articles are ranked in Google. He would see the visitor and click. So always keep your heading Unic and attractive so that you can click on your website as soon as you see your heading.

Meta Description

More level verify is small but for different you is very important to give meta description of your article. You keep your article meta description limited to 160, you can also use your keywords in your meta description. on-page SEO

Responsive – How you have designed your blog. Your website looks correctly in mobile, whether mobile is friendly or not, how is your website open in tablet, we call it responsive. Always keep your website responsive so that. The user should not have any trouble. on-page SEO

Page load speed – This is the most important thing in how many seconds your website opens. If your website load takes more than 5 seconds. So users will leave your website, so it is very important to open your website soon.

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